Direct injection

Reduce your shipping costs by up to 60% and open up a world of possibilities
Imagine if you could sell your products in the USA for not much more than the price in your home market. Previously the preserve of an exclusive club of the largest retailers, direct injection is a game changing technology that means you can now sell almost anywhere.

Key features and benefits

Reduce shipping costs
by up to 60%

Utilise domestic couriers in new or existing markets and fly direct

Choose your own
courier or use ours

Set up agreements with domestic
couriers in each market you serve,
or use ours

Seemless tracking
from door to door

Our tracking technology merges
scans from multiple couriers
into one seemless journey

transit times

ParcelVision displays transit days
for each service and your customer
chooses between speed or price

ParcelVision compares the prices for all couriers including your direct injection routes

Drill down on any route to see the costs for each leg

How direct injection works


ParcelVision will produce a domestic shipping labe for the destination country, which will be placed on each parcel. Parcels are then consolidated onto pallets.


You can ship daily or on specified days (The transit times quoted to the customer at checkout will reflect this schedule)


Once the consolidated pallet/s reach the destination, it's broken down and direct injected into the domestic courier.


When your customer tracks their order, they will see the latest update for either the consolidated pallet, or individual parcel after its been injected into the delivering carriers network.

  • 01 Simply enable ParcelVision
    as a carrier.
  • 02 Then choose which ParcelVision
    routes you want to enable.
  • 03 ParcelVision routes will be considered alongside your current carriers and our least cost routing technology will select the optimul carrier.

How it works

Using ParcelVision's direct injection routes

ParcelVision creates direct injection routes for the most commonly served markets of our retail customers. By consolidating our customers traffic we are able to reduce costs for our retail customers. And it's a fully managed service, so you don't need to worry about collection, tracking or resolving delivery issues, it's all taken care off.