The best courier solution
for your business

ParcelVision is the secure cloud based logistics solution
that will wow your customers and transform how you
manage deliveries.

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ParcelVision proactively
notifies of delivery delays

Let your customers track deliveries
– and notify them of delays by email or SMS.

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ParcelVision puts your
customer in control of
their delivery

ParcelVision empowers your customers
to make changes without the need to contact you.

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Reduce call volume by 20%

By automating many interactions with
customers and carriers, ParcelVision
can transform how you manage logistics.

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One platform to manage all your couriers

We integrate with all your couriers, so you'll never have to integrate with another courier again.

Empower your customers to track and self-serve

Our tracking widget empowers your customers to make 'in-flight' changes such as re-scheduling the delivery date.

Automate interactions with your customers AND carriers

Send pro-active tracking updates via e-mail and SMS, and update carriers of new customer instructions without any human intervention.

One solution makes shipping easy

  • 1 Update the account details for each courier you use
  • 2 Use our API to send us your order information.
  • 3 You're done! We'll update the latest scans for every shipment you send.

ParcelVision lets you choose how you want to display tracking updates to
your customers:

1. Request tracking updates via our API
2. Embed our tracking widget on your site.
3. Direct your customers to our white label, branded tracking page

API Requests

ParcelVision updates real-time scan information for all your couriers throughout the day, so you can request status updates anytime via our API. When a shipments delayed, we can also return advise messages for each type of scan event.

Our tracking widget

Embedding our tracking widget on your site is the best way to utilise our technology. When a customer requests an order tracking update, by rendering our widget, your customer will be able to see the latest scan, and make any in-flight changes they want, such as re-scheduling the delivery date.

White label tracking page

If you can't embed our tracking widget due to compliance reasons, you can direct your customer to our tracking page. You can configure the page format, and add your logo.

Outsource to the cloud!

Imagine a solution that empowered your customers to
resolve delivery delays themselves, more quickly and
efficiently than you could do yourself, that resulted in
a happier customer and lower costs for you.

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3% of shipments
are delayed

Not all delays are the couriers fault, but they all need resolution. The speed and efficiency with which you do so can be the difference between a satisfied customer and and ex customer.

Every delay costs you
time and money

Your customer notifies you when they don't recieve their order. Your agent then needs to contact the courier, establish the action points required to resolve the delay, then obtain updated information from your customer and pass it over to the courier. It's a lot of human interaction, which often leads to delays and a frustrated customer.

ParcelVision automates
most processes

It proactively emails your customer to notify them of delays and advises them how to resolve the delay.
And if human interaction is required, ParcelVision integrates directly with your CRM, creates a ticket and assigns it directly to one of your agents.

ParcelVision enables you to outsources the management of your entire delivery workflows, and it works straight out of the box.

Integrated communication
that just works

Imagine this; a courier attempts delivery but your customer is not home. Your customer is notified by email and SMS. After clicking the embedded link, they're taken to a webpage where they choose to change the delivery address, which is then automatically relayed to the courier without any manual intervention.
Welcome to the future of delivery. Welcome to ParcelVision.

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Make in-flight changes

ParcelVision makes it so easy for your customer to make changes to their deliveries. Not only can they make changes via our tracking widget, for some types of delays its easier still, your customer can simply reply to a text in order to perform specific actions such as changing the delivery date.

Reduce call volume

But ParcelVision doesn't just make it easier for your customers, it also reduced the burden on your support staff, because it does not just send updated details to the courier, it asks them to acknowledge the new instructions. And it then monitors the delivery to ensure everything goes according to plan, and if doesn't, it proactively chases for updates.

Automated workflows
provide peace of mind

If delays are not resolved and delivery does not occur within the time specified by you, then a CRM ticket is automatically created for your agents to follow up and resolve. It's this end-to-end automation that makes ParcelVision different from anything else on the market.

Enterprise-ready security
and performance

Whether you send 100 shipments a day or 100,000,
ParcelVision's scalable, powerful and secure technology
means you can trust us to meet your privacy, compliance
and security needs.

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We don't just live
in one cloud!

We host on both Azure and Amazon for complete redundancy. Our platform is always up and always on, even when we are deploying updates.

We back that up with a guaranteed 100% uptime SLA.

We're all about

Our micro-service based architecture is developed using the latest technologies including Microsoft Service Fabric.

What this means is instead of having one big database, we have separate stand-alone engine's for each part of our technology, which not only makes our platform extremely fast and eficient, but also makes it much easier for us to make changes and improvements.

Next generation security
and compliance

Because we handle a lot of data, we built ParcelVision from the ground up, with security and compliance at the heart of our platform.

All data is held in a secure, PCI Compliant environment and our infrastructure is also protected by Cloudflare, we also exceed DPA Compliance.

Carrier Performance

Monitoring and understanding delivery performance is
critical to maintaining and improving customer
satisfaction. Our out of the box analytics solution reports
on key metrics, categorising every delay into 4 destinct
catagories, carrier, customer, receiver and force mejeure.

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Categorising delays

ParcelVision catagorise's every single courier scan, and then reports on the number of shipments delayed in each category.

Our flexible reporting mechanism enables you to build and save your own reports, and even control the format, and column order.

Understanding delivery

ParcelVision is a complete shipping solution, it doesn't just help you resolve delays once they occur, it also helps you understand the root causes.

Understanding what types of delays are affecting delivery performance is the first step to improving your logistics. Are most delays caused due to incorrect addresses? Or is it a particular courier or delivery country that's causing the most issues.

Actionable insights

ParcelVision's insights make it easy to identify issues that are easily resolved or improved. For example if you find a large number of orders are delayed due to address issues, you may decide to add a postcode lookup tool on your checkout page.

ParcelVision helps present data in a simple, easy to understand format, that makes it easy to find actionable insights that will transform your approach to logistics.


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