Integrated Communications

ParcelVision manages all customer and carrier interaction
using multiple channels including email, SMS and web pages.

How our automations work

ParcelVision catagorises each type of scan event for every courier, and groups them. Each group then has pre-configured automations for each scan group. Each automation is different depending on the type of issue.

ParcelVision has built in controls to deal with scenario's where a customer or carrier does not respond to a request. You can specify how long you want to wait before ParcelVision creates a ticket for your agent to intervene, and that may be different for each type of scan event, or indeed for each courier.

For example some couriers will make 3 delivery attempts for free, wherease others will make one attempt then hold it at their depot for 5 days before returning it. Therefore the workflow, and how quickly you react will vary depending on the issue and the courier involved.

To help you manage these complex workflows, ParcelVision has partnered with Zendesk, the worlds leading CRM ticketing system, to provide an incredibly powerful, pre-configured customer relationship module.

ParcelVision can also integrate directly with your own in-house CRM system if you do not wish to use Zendesk.