Empower your customers

Empower your customers to track and self-serve

Your customer does not want the hassle of contacting you to resolve a delivery problem, and even if when they do, how many queries do you resolve with just one interaction?

ParcelVision takes the hassle out of shipping and minimises the risk of your customer not returning.

It's your brand and
reputation at stake

A delivery delay may actually be your customers fault, however regardless of who's responsible, your customer will judge you on how well your agent deals with the enquiry, how quickly you resolve the delay and they recieve their order.

But often delays can take a number of interactions to resolve, as couriers can be slow to respond. This not only costs time and money, but also leads to a frustrated customer.

ParcelVision goes far beyond pro-active notifications.

ParcelVision actually empowers your customer to self serve.
What's more it then automates the communication with the courier also.
Not only reducing your costs, but also speeding up issue resolution.